Sunday, July 14, 2013

The Fracturing Matter

And you're cracking
you're breaking,
you're shattering,
into a million little pieces no one else can save.
I can see you crumbling, but you fall apart faster than I can gather the pieces.
And it doesn't even matter this time because we both know that you will never,
be able to love like that again. 
You will never be able to save them. 
And if you can't save them, 
it doesn't seem worth it to save yourself.
What is life without love? 
And what is love without them?
It is nothing; we both know it. 
So I will try to make you comfortable, try to lift your dying spirits
until all that's left is the ghost of your sad story and the memory, like rotting flesh,
that I couldn't save you.
And there is no one, now,
who can save me. 

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